Serving Humanity with Pride

Intent to Impact: Our Journey to a Better Tomorrow

At Integration International, We prioritize purpose over profits, fostering a culture of giving back to society. Partner with us and Parsippany Lions Club, in creating a compassionate and impactful future for posterity.


Our CSR Philosophy

At Integration International, we embrace the ethos of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our commitment extends beyond business success to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. We believe in fostering inclusive growth, supporting sustainable development, and driving positive change in the communities we serve.

While we continue to leave no stone unturned in our business endeavors, we also strive to bring the same zeal and diligence to our philanthropic pursuits. We believe in fostering an organizational culture that recognizes acts of service as a token of gratitude toward our society and the world at large, with whom we feel interconnected in a spirit of camaraderie and collaborative growth.

Initiatives Supported by Integration International

Integration International is dedicated to supporting diverse initiatives that address societal challenges and promote well-being. From education and healthcare to environmental conservation and social welfare, our initiatives span a spectrum of causes. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts, we leverage our resources to create impactful solutions and uplift communities worldwide.

Through such endeavors and more, Integration International aspires to create a legacy of good Samaritanism, that shall leave a lasting mark, touching lives and fostering positive change in the communities we serve and the causes we undertake.


Parsippany Lions Club and i3 Leadership


Integral to our CSR efforts is our partnership with the Parsippany Lions Club, spearheaded by Pratap Jayakar, CEO of Integration International and President of the Parsippany Lions Club who believes in leading by example and is driven by the mantra that results are the best testimonial. Over a while, i3 has cultivated a sentient service culture and we are deeply rooted in community betterment. Together, we work tirelessly to serve those in need and champion causes that enrich lives and promote well-being.

Collaboration for Causes


Integration International collaborates closely with the Parsippany Lions Club to support critical causes such as Child Cancer, Diabetes, and Vision care, and more. Through joint initiatives, events, and advocacy, we aim to raise awareness and provide essential services to vulnerable populations. By pooling our resources and expertise, we amplify our impact and make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families.


Our CSR Footprint

Integration International's service reflects a diverse array of impactful initiatives in collaboration with the Parsippany Lions Club. From the "Vision of Hope" campaign to the "Preloved Fashion Passion Charity Boutique," we've worked tirelessly to support a myriad range of causes. Additionally, our involvement in events such as the Teenage Psychology seminar, the Rubik’s cube workshop for kids, and "Dance for Diabetes" underscores our commitment to holistic community well-being. Through these endeavors and more, Integration International continues to leave a lasting mark, touching lives and fostering positive change in the communities we serve.

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Connect with Parsippany Lions

Join us as we unite with the Parsippany Lions Club to create positive change and foster a brighter future for all. Together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes and leave a lasting legacy of compassion and service. This is a glorious opportunity to become the best versions of ourselves, honing Leadership and Project Management skills and being a pivotal contributor to the tour de force of this service leviathan which is changing lives, one cause at a time.

Address: 1081 Parsippany Blvd., STE 101, Parsippany, NJ 07054