Experience the finesse of Data Decluttering, from Chaos to Capability

Welcome to i3, where we recognize the complexities of managing unstructured data in today's dynamic business landscape. Our forward-thinking AI powered Extract Data and Analyze (EDA) solutions are crafted to streamline your data lifecycle and enhance operational efficiency throughout your organization.


Automated Vendor Compliances

Streamline your vendor management processes with our AI-powered Vendor solutions. By automating the entire vendor onboarding and compliance monitoring, we help organizations in industries such as manufacturing, utilities, and fund management to create a single source of authenticity from across different sources, including IDs and contracts.

Our solution saves time, reduces errors, and ensures seamless vendor management.

Accelerated M & A Due Diligence

Speed up your M&A processes with i3's advanced technology and expertise. Our AI rubric empowers you to navigate mergers and acquisitions efficiently, ensuring seamless due diligence and integration.


Conversation AI for Knowledge Center

Build a robust Knowledge Center with i3's cutting-edge AI capabilities. Our Conversation AI technology enhances knowledge sharing and collaboration within your organization, driving innovation and productivity.

Sales Order Automation for Manufacturing

Streamline your sales order process with our AI-driven methodology. We automate the entire process, from receiving an email from a customer to pushing the order into an ERP system.

Our solutions are aptly customized for manufacturing organizations, saving time and reducing errors in the sales order management process.


KYC/Customer Onboarding Automation

Simplify your customer onboarding process with our AI-fortified veracity. Our AI process meticulously vets different sources, including IDs and contracts, to streamline the KYC and customer onboarding process.

Our solutions are designed for organizations in the utilities and fund management sectors, ensuring efficient and compliant customer onboarding.

Supply Chain ESG Risk for Real Estate and Consumer Products

Predict and manage the inherent risk associated with your supply chain's ESG parameters with our AI algorithms. Our solutions are tailored for organizations in the real estate and consumer products industries with complex and varied supply chains.

By analyzing ESG data from multiple sources, we help you make informed decisions and mitigate supply chain risks.


Leverage the i3 AI-prowess to build a robust knowledge hub. Contact us to discover how our cogent solutions can elevate your Information harnessing processes for sustained excellence. Don’t let your data sit still, unlock its full potential with our smart and pragmatic expertise.