Contingent Workforce

Contingent Workforce

Flexibility meets expertise - Powering your short-term needs with on-demand talent agility.

According to studies, approximately 30% of the typical workforce already consists of contingent workers and 78% of business executives expect to continue using freelancers in the coming year. For some decades now, the freelance revolution has been developing steadily. Integration International with its nuanced and continually updated network of talent pool, provides you with speedy and accurate staffing solutions.

Agile fulfillment with i3 Contingent Workforce

We are a leading provider of workforce solutions with decades of experience, offering comprehensive contingent staffing solutions that help organizations gain competitive advantage through the following ways:

  • Addressing critical talent gaps
  • Easy scale up-scale down of Workforce
  • Augment cost saving by slashing overheads
  • Expedite on time to market
  • Gain Diverse Perspectives

Contact Integration International today and experience the efficacy of our comprehensive Contingent Staffing solutions to drive your organization's success.

Direct Staffing

Direct Staffing

Efficiency augmented - Connecting you directly with the best talent, cutting through the chase.

In the evolving landscape of contingent workforce management, Integration International stands ready to navigate the challenges of Direct Sourcing with expertise and innovation. Backed by a proven track record and a comprehensive suite of solutions, we empower organizations to effectively harness the power of Direct Sourcing, driving agility and success in the dynamic marketplace.

Our Comprehensive Direct Staffing Solutions

At Integration International, we understand the complexities and challenges related to adopting new technologies, partnering with the right providers, and streamlining implementation processes; and offer comprehensive Direct Sourcing solutions to guide your organization toward seamless and successful implementation:

  • Curate Your Private Talent Pool
  • Unlock Success with a Single Curation Strategy
  • Enhance Direct Sourcing with EOR Services
  • Get unparalleled and unwavering support

Discover with Integration International, the game-changing potential of our Direct Sourcing solutions, empowering your organization to seamlessly manage and optimize your contingent workforce, while reducing costs, enhancing efficiency, and unlocking a world of talent.

Permanent Workforce

Permanent Workforce

Building lasting success - Matching bespoke talent with your long-term vision and growth.

Our comprehensive services ensure that you have access to a talent pool of active and passive candidates, allowing us to select the best-fit individuals based on your specific requirements. From considering factors such as salary, experience, job description, and cultural resonance, our Permanent Staffing Solutions cover the entire recruitment process, including talent sourcing, screening, interviewing, and seamless onboarding.

Get the best fit for your long-term requirements

Discover the Integration International advantage of Permanent Staffing, where we facilitate stability and job security that results in heightened productivity. By offering candidates long-term employment, we aid in fostering motivation and commitment and empower permanent workers to fully focus on their tasks without the stress of seeking new assignments:

  • Facilitating the Best cultural fit
  • Enhanced overall quality
  • DEI modeled fair practices
  • Clarity in Growth trajectory

Experience the Integration International advantage of our comprehensive Permanent Staffing Solutions, driving productivity, commitment, and revenue growth through long-term candidate selection and a strong DEI framework.

Project Staffing

Project Staffing

Great success starts with a great team - Tailored staffing solutions for all your project specific needs.

When faced with new projects, finding the right talent to fulfill essential roles can be challenging. Our Project-based staffing provides the perfect balance of flexibility and stability, ensuring access to experienced and capable professionals who can exceed expectations and deliver quality results. Our solutions eliminate the need for time-consuming onboarding and training processes, allowing companies to outsource these tasks and focus on core operations.

Optimize your project staffing with i3

By leveraging project-based staffing, your organization can reduce overall staffing costs, avoiding the need for full-time hires and associated expenses such as salaries, benefits, and permanent equipment costs. Our flexible staffing solution allows companies to hire highly qualified individuals on demand, aligning workforce needs with project demands while saving extensively on overtime costs:

  • Cost-effective project-based staffing
  • Flexibility without full-time commitments
  • Access to highly qualified professionals on demand
  • Streamlined processes for efficient operations

Embrace our Project Staffing Solutions to effectively navigate the current job market, access highly skilled individuals, and achieve project success while optimizing cost-efficiency and operational effectiveness.