Any business is only as strong as their staff. The employees shape the future of any company. So, every companies strive to get best talent available to work for them.

While this can be achieved to an extent by the in-house Human Resource team, its often more fruitful to engage with staffing agencies who specialize in hunting down the best talent from nooks and corners of the market.

Matching the right talent to the right job is simple yet is not as easy. You need to have right resources and dedicated individuals that work day in day out to get this done. Staffing Agencies provide you with just that.

The agencies specialize in recruitment strategies, they have dedicated recruiters that network throughout the industry, utilize various methods to reach out to best potential talent, screen them thoroughly to make sure the candidates meet all the skills experience requirements related to the job positions.

Choosing a right fit staffing partner largely depends on the type of positions an employer wishes to fill in. There are staffing agencies that offer all kinds of recruitment services, some recruit for contract jobs, some for fulltime permanent positions, some offer both kinds.

Every agency has different rules of engagement; however, the pricing structure is usually similar in nature, it just differs in amounts. To, staff for permanent positions, the agencies charge a certain amount fee from the client companies, usually a certain % of the first year’s employee salary. Agencies providing temporary staffing services hire jobseekers as their own employee and sending them out to work at client sites, here the agency is responsible for the paying the wages to the employees and they charge the clients for work the employee does, using different markups or margins. When use wisely the staffing agencies more often prove to be much more cost effective than they are perceived to be.

As much of help a staffing agency can be to an employer, they are equally helpful for jobseekers seeking good Careers opportunities or their dream jobs. Many a times jobseekers are not aware of the job markets ups and downs, where to look for a good company or a decent job. That is where the staffing agencies can help job seekers get more visibility of the market, educate them on the available options to choose from to get the right fit job.

When it comes to offering services to the jobseekers, they just don’t hand out the list of jobs available in the market, the staffing agencies help the candidates with resume writing and presentations, preparing them to face and succeed in the interviews.

With the help of staffing agencies, the companies can benefit a lot in terms of time & cost and achieve the goal of getting best staff hired to grow their business.

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