Alleviate the Pains of Bulk Hiring

  • Turn-key project staffing involves volume hiring in a limited time-span. In addition, resource deployment needs to be done in specified tight deadlines and resources can be swapped based on project phases and specific requirements.
  • This type of bulk hiring leads to diversion of precious resources from other critical areas.
  • Integration International helps to eliminate obstructions in large-scale project hiring and speed-up the workforce upgrade.
  • We help in sourcing a capable workforce to steer project hiring on the right track.
  • A qualified and a capable workforce sourced through turn-key staffing helps in the successful completion of the project.
  • Companies can focus on their core competencies without having to divert critical resources towards large-scale hiring.

Salient Features that Set Us Apart

  • Our robust recruiting process and tailor-made hiring solutions are highly flexible to suit turn-key project staffing.
  • We help our clients in successfully conducting large-scale hiring, enabling them to increase the headcount in a limited timeframe as per the project needs.
  • Get critical visibility and control while hiring in bulk banking on our advanced technology.
  • We fulfill all the criteria and hiring parameters by delivering highly qualified talent for the project within the stipulated timeframe and budget constraints.

Niche Talent for Specialized Roles

Our highly efficient turn-key project staffing solutions deliver the right kind of talent for client projects, even for areas and industry verticals where talent is difficult to find. This provides a distinct advantage and helps them in expanding their businesses, without stretching the limits of their employees and resources.