Hire an All-Star In-House Team that Contributes from Day One

Hiring employees for critical in-house roles is a complex process and is best left to professionals. We recognize the fact that each company has different needs and working cultures and each candidate has unique skills and personality. Also, each job vacancy has its own unique attributes that dictate the type of candidates suitable for the role. A ‘one size fits all’ kind of solution wouldn’t work in this situation and every open position must be dealt on an individual basis with complete personalized attention from recruiters.

Multi-Faceted Considerations for Optimal Hiring

We have the necessary expertise, experience, and capability to execute the permanent staffing needs of our clients by evaluating potential hires on several factors including their aptitude and cultural fit in the organization they are being considered for. This gives the candidate a perfect head-start and they start contributing from day one. This is how we have earned the unflinching trust of our clients.

Augment Your Recruiting Efficiency

  • Get to choose from highly talented, rigorously evaluated and qualified prescreened candidates that saves precious time
  • Lower average cost per hire
  • Benefit from a highly streamlined process to get the right fit
  • We perform the necessary reference checks and background check management
  • Eliminate risk and get the best hire as per specified objectives

Permanent Hiring Simplified

Brand Enhancement

We help our clients in ascertaining their brand value as an employer so that potential hires always get a good first impression, resulting in the convergence of top talent pool for permanent hiring.

Leverage the Integration International expertise

Our recruitment teams comprise of experienced recruiters in respective skills categories, who understand client needs to the core, thereby connecting them with the right talent. Our vast and extensive network helps our clients in reaching out to the best candidates.

Reduce hiring costs

Since the risk of hiring unsuitable candidates is eliminated, the average cost per hire is cut down and the hiring process is streamlined.

Find the best fit

Once we know what the client wants in a candidate, we burn the midnight oil to connect them with high qualified, prescreened and motivated candidates in a short time-frame