Freedom to Scale Up or Cut Down Employee Headcount

The payrolling services provided by Integration International help in converting select independent contractors, consultants or freelance workers to our payroll and we manage all the administrative, HR and regulatory compliance for such workers. Such kind of arrangement helps in minimizing client liabilities like IRS 1099 reclassification and co-employment risks. Our payroll service helps clients in reducing administrative costs and to mold their workforce as a scalable entity.

Respond Positively to Shifting Demands of Businesses

Be it temporary workers, interns or freelancers, such kind of contract workers help in bridging the gap in client workforce during the seasonal peaks. However, don’t let the administrative cost of upscaling or downscaling eclipse the benefits of flexibility. By shifting the contingent workers to our payroll, our clients can positively respond to shifting demands of production and gain a competitive edge.

Eliminate Non-Compliance Risks

Even though engaging with independent contractors comes with obvious benefits that improve the bottom line and workforce flexibility of clients, such kind of approach can attract non-compliance issues with IRS regulations and the risk of IRS 1099 reclassification. Our payrolling solution eliminates all such risks as we assume the responsibility of having such workers on our payroll and provide general liability, workers’ compensation, and other necessary insurances.

A Winning Formula to Cut Administrative Costs

Integration International’s payrolling solution also provides our clients with the flexibility of converting an employee on our payroll to be one of their employees anytime they want, and this happens at no extra cost to the client. This gives them the required flexibility and helps in streamlining operations. By eliminating the risks of non-compliance with the laws and penalties, clients achieve increased productivity and reduced administrative costs.