Command Greater Control of your Hiring Process

Integration International aids its clients to leverage the potential of direct sourcing and help them in utilizing their own talent pool for finding the right kind of candidates. Direct sourcing helps our clients in establishing greater control over the hiring process, increase transparency and drive down the hiring costs while making the process efficient. Our role in direct sourcing is to help clients in identifying the pool of desirable candidates and selected candidates are classified appropriately and transferred on our payroll.

Integration International helps companies in

  • Building their brand as an employer
  • Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like AI for optimal spending
  • Create a streamlined and unified experience for the candidates

Leverage the Benefits of Direct Sourcing

Fast-Paced and Cost-Optimized recruiting solutions

Integration International helps companies to connect with the best talent that has been previously engaged via an online consultant marketplace and this reduces the time spent on reviewing candidates. This leaves only pre-vetted and experienced candidates in the fray, thereby reducing the recruitment time and help in cost-optimization.

Increased Efficiency

While engaging candidates from known sources, hiring managers can not only easily connect to the best available talent, but also cut-down time spent on back-office processes like onboarding and compliance. This increases the efficiency of the process.

Reduced Risk

Direct sourcing reduces the risk associated with compliance violations significantly and by optimizing the various internal resources, help to create a well-structured and a transparent process. This improves the overall performance of related matrices.

Better retention rates

By leveraging known sources for accessing independent workers, companies give a certain amount of flexibility for such kind of workers to explore what kind of suitable opportunities may be available to them. This fosters a bond of trust and encourages loyalty, enabling the independent workers to give their best so that they can be considered again as and when new opportunities arise.

Attract the best talent

Integration International helps clients to leverage the power of direct sourcing so that they can build their ‘employer brand’ and be a preferred destination for self-employed professionals. This helps our clients in attracting top talent and both entities can have a positive experience and thereby encourage re-engagement.