A Nimble Approach to Hiring

The success of any company is dependent majorly on its workforce. However, the need for a competent workforce varies for various companies from time to time or it may even be seasonal. Sometimes it is necessary to go on an aggressive hiring spree and sometimes it becomes essential to shed the unnecessary flab and cut down on the workforce. Such kind of circumstances arise in different companies at different times and the best way to deal with such situations is to opt for contingent staffing.

Tailor-Made Solutions for Maximum Impact

Integration International makes use of its robust recruiting framework to track and source the best talent for its clients and place such candidates in contract or temporary positions across various industry verticals. We take an in-depth look at the requirements of our clients and position ourselves to offer them candidates that are suitable to fulfill efficiently the roles assigned to them.

We make sure that besides considering the skill-sets of the candidates:

  • We evaluate how best they would fit in the corporate culture of our clients
  • Attain their full potential
  • Provide cutting-edge talent at an optimal cost and timeframe
  • Meeting all the hiring objectives

Our Contingent Workforce Solutions Are

  • Agile: We source highly qualified talented candidates as per the specific needs of our clients and in the stipulated timeframe. Contingent workforce solutions are flexible and tailored as per the client requirements
  • Competent: Our precise contingent staffing helps to increase productivity and strengthen the team by hiring contract employees. This boosts momentum and catapults the client goals to fruition.
  • Personalized: We supply competent professionals that are the best fit for a company and gel well with its corporate culture. Our personalized solutions help in fulfilling critical workforce requirements.
  • Cost-effective: Rest assured, we strive to supply top quality workforce in a cost-effective manner that will benefit your bottom line in a positive manner.
  • Risk-averse: We undertake all the necessary vetting regarding the candidates so that only the ones who fit the bill meeting our stringent criteria are considered and reduce the hiring risk.
  • Speedy: Once the requirements are specified, we swing into action swiftly and ensure that their needs of a quality workforce are met in the shortest possible time.


Integration International Partners with Leading Managed Service Providers (MSPs)/Vendor Management Organizations (VMOs) for Superior Contingent Talent

A Prized Partnership for Sustained Momentum in Quality Hiring

As a staffing firm having a rich experience working with all leading VMO/MSP programs, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. Integration International offers end-to-end service delivery with continuous sourcing, expertise in interviewing, onboarding and off-boarding, and internal SLAs that suit or exceed the requirements of our clients.
The methodology we adopt embraces the efficiency of VMO/MSP programs and bring our clients advantages of cost-savings, standardization and SLA-measured results for fulfilling their quality workforce requirements.

Contingent Workforce Optimized for Agility

  • High competition in the market necessitates speed and quick reaction time in business operations.
  • Adopting contingent workforce solutions provides much-needed flexibility to companies.
  • However, managing an increasing contingent workforce gives rise to various challenges like maintaining the performance parameters and being cost-effective.
  • Tracking the performance of such a fluid workforce is essential.
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs) help companies to optimize their contingent workforce.
  • MSPs help companies to increase their performance by helping them select the appropriate talent through advanced technology platforms.

Get Best of Both the Worlds

Integration International provides its clients the best of both the worlds- the staffing outcomes that only personalized client care can provide and enjoy the efficiencies of VMO/MSP. We work with all major MSPs and VMOs of large and mid-sized enterprise companies globally. We have experience in supporting all major VMS tools.
Our key recruiting differentiators to MSPs include excellence in below matrices.

  • Quality coverage on positions
  • Interview to the hired ratio
  • Hot Skills
  • Time to respond
  • Time to fill
  • Submission to interview ratio
  • Ready Resume Bank
  • Cost per hire
  • Candidate diversity
  • Compliance

Business Consulting

Business Transformation in Sync with Ground Realities

Our engagement and service delivery teams are thoroughly committed to enhance the brand of our clients and deliver solutions that are in sync with their business needs and recognizing the ground realities in which businesses operate. Integration International works with the world’s leading organizations to provide collaborative solutions for tackling various business and IT challenges. With our innovative ideas and business solutions, we forge a strong working partnership with our clients and help them in solving their biggest challenges in unison.
Integration International provides Business Consulting services to clients and helps them to transform their operations with ease and produce great benefits.

Our key offerings include

  • Program Management
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Business Analytics
  • Revenue Assurance Consulting
  • Business Operations Transformation
  • Customer Experience Enhancement
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Improvement Diagnostics

Avail World-Class Business Consulting Services

Integration International offers Business Consulting services and delivers a host of solutions that enables clients to meet their business goals and various organizational needs. Our business consultants translate this experience in the form of resources, online tools, and professional consulting services, offering their services in three major verticals.

  • Business Process Management
  • Information Security and Risk Management
  • Engineering Consultancy