Storage virtualization simplifies provisioning of storage to users, hence bringing in many benefits to a work environment. It allows to expand the volumes when required and securely assign them to various servers using different network interfaces. It also works great for easy data recovery after an incident or disaster while maintaining high integrity. This also indicates that the user can use low cost storage at the disaster recovery site.

Storage virtualization isn’t just an option to an IT environment, it is a necessity, mainly owing to the rising data in companies. It liberates the data from being connected with a particular hardware, hence shunning the users from maintaining replicas of hardware infrastructure across various locations. Eliminating the expensive affair of having separate SAN, DAS, and NAS topologies each which require their own storage devices and various levels of management protocols, the benefits of storage virtualization are gaining higher traction in the marketplace becoming an integral component of IT virtualization.

Integration International, Inc. focuses on providing storage virtualization services through an effective consultative approach. With the help of a combination of seasoned expertise, effective automated tools, and patented methodology, we help enterprises simplify management, reduce power and rack space requirements, and increase the productivity while using a virtual storage platform for their existing hardware.

Storage virtualization is the key foundation for effective cloud deployment and software-defined infrastructure. Based on i3’s unique consultative approach, most of our clients are experiencing positive return on investment (ROI) with relatively low risks across the globe. i3 offers a variety of storage virtualization services and solutions to meet the needs of various organizations of all sizes.