The main difference between companies that evolve and companies that stagnate will be the ability to roll out business capabilities continuously in line with the changing ecosystem.

The DevOps environment no longer treats “building” of applications and “maintaining” of applications as two distinct activities. It rather combines these two activities using the cultural change approach and various automation techniques for the deployment, environment set-up, and configuration, monitoring, and testing.

I3 can help clients accelerate their applications deployments with automation and process optimization in a much aligned and structured manner. The associated Development and Operations teams will work more collaboratively and take accountability across the entire applications lifecycle.

Best Practices DevOps Services

Our DevOps specialists use proven tools, innovative process methodologies, and leverage years of DevOps Managed Service capabilities to spin up a DevOps environment for small or large enterprises. We introduce new technologies and best practices to improve collaboration between development and business creating an agile life cycle. With a deep understanding of how DevOps grows, we can help you scale up your business efficiently offering a complete range of DevOps services solely focused on DevOps implementation and support.

Solution Offerings

i3 has a wealth of varied technology experience across disparate industries, which only helps clients bring their enterprise to the DevOps Cloud or optimize their current DevOps Infrastructure environment. Some of our unique services blend on DevOps includes the following:

  • Assessment and Deep Analysis of your IT Infrastructure for readiness to move to DevOps
  • Design, Implement, Develop, and Manage Secure and cost-effective DevOps solutions that align with your business needs
  • Migrate your existing infrastructure and systems seamlessly to DevOps platform
  • Offer customized monitoring solutions of your applications and infrastructure
  • We assist you in Database Administration, where we can help you migrate, scale, and manage your database
  • Perform a comprehensive security audit of your DevOps infrastructure
  • We ensure applications that have the resources to scale and handle unexpected growth
  • We also plan and implement disaster recovery for your infrastructure

Using our best practices, we can help you automate and optimize your SDLC environment to achieve Continuous Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Monitoring at a very fast pace.

DevOps Infrastructure Optimization Lifecycle

I3 can help Customers to optimize their DevOps Infrastructure lifecycle using the following processes:

  • Resource provisioning. As per the specification and requirement Administrators provide the resources
  • Configuration management. For supporting activities like tuning & patching resource become components of a configuration management system
  • Monitoring and performance. Monitoring and performance tools are required to validate the operational status of the resources by examining items like metrics, synthetic transactions, and log files.
  • Compliance and governance. Compliance and governance networks drive add-on validation to ensure alignment with corporate and industry standards, along with regulatory requirements.
  • Resource optimization. Administrators review performance data and identify if changes needed to optimize the environment such as performance and cost management

i3’s DevOps Strategy Services

  • Discovering the existing maturity & opportunity for DevOps shift
  • Defining the business case for DevOps introduction
  • Providing client-specific DevOps blueprints

i3’s DevOps Implementation Services

  • Building and deploying automation definition
  • Providing organizational cultural change for DevOps by acting as DevOps evangelist. It includes conducting training workshops and working alongside the build and operations teams.
  • Running and operating the DevOps tooling platform

i3’s DevOps Value Added Services

  • Cloud Platform Support
  • Security and Monitoring
  • Test Automation
  • DR Services