Make it easy for stakeholders and partners to manage anything from anywhere at any time

With severe flexibility limitations of on-premises physical data centers and high maintenance costs, Cloud has become a need for organizations’ survival. Organizations are driving cost optimizations and getting rid of unwanted cost overheads by shifting their workloads to scalable and flexible Cloud environments. At i3, our client centered Cloud services solutions enable our customers to have business agility while lowering costs and capital expenditure.


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Our BPaaS team delivers custom services to customers, stakeholders, and partners
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Cloud Migration

Safe and faster migrations

Cloud migration is about moving data, applications or other business elements from an on premises data center to the Cloud, or moving them from one Cloud environment to another. Our Cloud migration services help migrate workloads, applications, databases, and storages to a Cloud environment for scalability, improved productivity and lowered capital expenditure, and improved managed service experience. With well defined migration framework, tools, and post migration and steady state checks, we make Cloud migration a well-planned and painless activity for our customers.

Cloud testing

Reduce business risk in Cloud transformation initiatives

Our Cloud assurance/testing service is designed to achieve Cloud transformation for our customers with assured IT stability and 24*7 availability. During our early engagement and assessment phases, we get aligned with our customer’s business objectives, and then prepare a clear strategy on testing and assurance aspects of the newly migrated workloads.

Cloud Integration

Integrate applications, systems, and storage within the Cloud and also between Cloud and on premises without compromising the security and flexibility

The core of our Cloud integration strategy is to bring about a seamless integration between applications, middleware, backends, and storage either Cloud to Cloud or on premises to Cloud. With our strategic partnerships with APIGEE, Red Hat, Dell, IBM Cast Iron, WSO2, and MuleSoft, we help our customers in their application transformation using microservices and native Cloud services for middleware, database, and other aspects of an application environment. With our API hosting and management, we successfully address the interdependencies of different aspects of an application environment.

Cloud Advisory/Cloud Consulting

Leverage an expert advisory

Our Cloud Advisory analyzes how business applications are hosted in the current environment and build roadmap for transformation. The advisory determines what to migrate, how to migrate, and to which Cloud to migrate to so that our customers can meet their business goals while reducing CAPEX and TCO.

Application Modernization and Microservices

Leverage the proven expertise in diverse domains

As leaders in Application Modernization, i3’s Cloud-native application development teams combine exceptional Cloud development talent with proven high-quality agile software delivery processes and cross-domain expertise. We have successfully delivered high quality Cloud software in various domains like Customer Experience, Customer Service, Marketing, Manufacturing, Trading/Banking/Insurance, Medical/Pharma, Supply Chain, and several others.

Cloud Security

Security in every phase of attack lifecycle, with strong detection mechanism and responsiveness

Our Cloud security services ensure safe and secure computing environments for our customers. Offered as managed services, our Cloud services benefit our customers with a proactive pre-emption of threats and vulnerabilities scanning. We help customers develop strategies that define a multi-layer and multi-year security roadmap for their complex IT environments.
Our strength lies in combining the traditional defensive approach to security with the new-age thwarting approach. This ensures that no security gap remain that may be vulnerable to known or emerging threats.

Cloud Managed Services

Integrated suite of services to manage an enterprise’s distributed and hybrid IT environment as a single entity

Our Managed Services consists of holistic integrated suite of services for managing distributed and hybrid IT environment as a single entity with single point-of accountability. Aligned with the best ITIL practices, our Remote Cloud Management Center provides 24×7 support with multiple support options. With our standard and proven framework for onboarding, transition, and transformation and with a comprehensive 24×7 monitoring setup, we cater to the business needs of our global clients. Our global clients benefit from our “Follow the Sun” support model, which ensures that the issues are handled by and passed between offices in different time zones for increasing responsiveness and reducing delays.


Enhance operational performance though lean and agile principles and achieve continuous development and minimal time to market goals

Our DevOps solutions adopt an approach that emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration, and automation. We apply lean and agile principles across the software lifecycle, thereby, improving the culture and processes while fostering innovation and enabling a responsive feedback mechanism. Our DevOps solutions plug the gaps that exist between software development, quality assurance, and IT operations thereby enabling you to quickly produce software products and services, while improving operational performance significantly.