The Business Challenge lies in having an effective Data Strategy to leverage Big Data.

“Most companies remain on the big data sidelines too long, then fail. An iterative, start-small approach can help you avoid common pitfalls. 92% of organizations are still stuck in neutral…”

Data is an Enterprise Business Asset. Its information spans across products, services, people, and different organizational units. Enterprise data is diverse, voluminous, and fast-evolving. This makes it difficult to manage and build analytics in real-time. Right data initiatives are problematic to establish. Becoming a data-driven company is a journey characterized by change, fluidity and quick wins. At i3, we help build your organization's competitive advantage by guiding you through the journey to data and analytics optimization.

Data Strategy Challenge

Businesses need a clear data strategy if they hope to effectively leverage Big Data as a core business asset. Such data strategy needs to be dynamic and agile and it should provide a roadmap for the future needs of changing Business and Technology. It has to be capable of making the work in progress adaptable to changing business needs.

Big Data Adoption Perspectives

The common challenges that organizations face while in the process of developing an effective data strategy are often addressed from two dissimilar perspectives.

The Technical Perspective

The technical perspective is mainly driven by the lack of knowledge and by the general IT culture change that becomes essential in traditional IT organizations when it comes to adopting to Big Data. The typical questions that arise are:

  • How do we maintain data governance while in the process of Big Data exploration
  • How do we expand our knowledge base to support Big Data technologies
  • How do we architect for future change
  • How do we choose the right technology to support our primary use case
  • How do we maintain security
  • How do we balance governance and drive agility
  • How do we come up with change management while adopting Big Data

The Business Perspective

The second perspective, perhaps the more important one, is the business perspective. It deals with how to adopt Big Data and efficiently drive and optimize business outcomes. Business outcomes are definitely improved when they are motivated and supported by data. Yet, even when organizations have some Data Science experience, their Big Data initiatives often struggle in operationalizing their Data Science efforts. The typical questions that arise from the business perspective are:

i3 Offerings

Identify, Strategize, Architect, Implement, Integrate, Optimize

i3’s approach is foundationally lead by subject matter experts, customized to your business strategy, and personable. i3 offers services beginning with the identification of an organization’s Business Analytics requirements. Not all Big Data initiatives of an organization require equal emphasis. While some initiatives may require a full-scale enterprise technology and business process overhaul, others may realize benefits from building on the fundamentals of Big Data and leveraging collaborative tools for immediate wins.
Whatever your organization needs are, applied to Big Data, Big Analytics and Data Science, we will help you identify and define where to best use your resources and help you frame the strategy around becoming a data-driven organization. i3 will architect a solution(s) package that best fits your needs and ensure that it is built for the future. i3 will implement a trusted and reliable solution and certify that your analytics ecosystem will integrate and make best use of existing resources. The final touch is to work with you in optimizing both your business processes and knowledge base to ensure you get the most out of your analytics solution.

Here are some glimpses of our expertise in Big Data, Big Data Analytics, and Data Science.

  • Designing strategies and roadmap for the best fitting of Big Data Analytics fit into your organization
  • Selecting the best framework and architecting the best solutions for your business needs
  • Architecting and Implementing Big Data Analytics workflows
  • Developing proof of concept and performing tool evaluation
  • Performing end-to-end platform review
  • Performing business process review and enabling the business to adopt new strategies
  • Performing data integration and virtualization for data governance, analytics, and visualization in real time
  • Certifying Big Data environment

Our Best Practices

Over years of experience, we have developed several best practices. These time tested best practices help build a comfort level and rapport with our clients and ensure success.


Benefits to Clients

  • Custom solutions to meet the needs of your business
  • Learn to control costs through best practice architecture design
  • Operationalize Big Data effectively and efficiently
  • Reduce the learning curve and obscurity of Big Data Analytics applications
  • End-to-end management of your platform
  • Become a data driven organization