The web applications or software applications are an integral part of your business, considering its security is one critical aspect. Are you looking for application security services and consulting to testing the security of your application? Let Integration International, Inc., (i3) application security consulting services take care of your business needs.

Whether its web application or custom software application, i3 can enhance the productivity of your business and protect your application systems from the security breach. Our application security consulting services help companies develop, design, and maintain secure software applications. Through our services, we can help eliminate the risks and offer protection so that you can build effective security programs that will secure your infrastructure and enhance your business operations.

We are Expert Consultants

With expansive knowledge in the areas of Vulnerability & Access Risk Management, as well as, Identity Governance & Administration, we begin our engagement by assessing our client’s overall network or application infrastructure. We identify the weakest links and other factors that have compromised the security of the infrastructure based on which we then determine the vulnerability of other systems. We also provide training on best practices in the software security domain.

Through our consulting, assessments, and systematic reviews, we ensure our clients experience a secure application infrastructure. Our services include the following:

  • Assess the security aspect of the application infrastructure systematically throughout the build cycle
  • Identify the high-risk application assets caused due to business impact and security vulnerabilities
  • Ensure an overall perspective to application security starting from business needs, software coding, to operations
  • Develop a security assurance to ensure all new application codes and products are secured prior to deployment