As many traditional networks do not handle the increased traffic, the need for network virtualization plays a significant role. For a dynamic infrastructure, networks must provide the responsiveness and flexibility of workloads for efficient use of IT resources. With the emergence of network traffic and increased use of phone and video within organizations, having a simple yet robust network infrastructure that is easy to manage across voice and network services is necessary. It helps deliver optimum security that ensures data remains protected and shared only with the trusted users. Hence, realizing the benefits of virtualization and getting the network right is pivotal for every organization.

i3 provides assessment, strategy, and optimization services to help our clients benefit with a variety of factors.

Key Benefits

  • We help you identify and make improvements in the required areas to get the most from your virtualized infrastructure
  • Help you build your network to better meet the high-availability, security requirements, and high-performance for your virtualized environments
  • Provide recommendations to improve your networking and communications environment to increase efficiency, eliminate cumbersome manual tasks, reduce IT operating costs, and better align your networking infrastructure to meet your business goals
  • Reduce the risk associated with complex data center upgrades
  • Plan, design, and build robust infrastructure for increased growth and network scalability
  • Resolve existing network performance, availability, and management issues

Through a holistic approach, i3 helps you initiate network virtualization and optimization of LAN and WAN within your infrastructure for higher ROI and reduced cost of ownership to create scalable, secure, and available networks.