Transforming the network is no longer an option but a necessity. There comes a time when the network does not support newer technologies and the systems start to crash. In order to keep it up and running, the old network needs a transformation to a modern platform.

At Integration International, Inc. (i3), we aid network transformation to help you future-proof your network, and reduce your support and maintenance costs. Our network transformation services can optimize your network to realize measurable performance improvements and increased service levels coupled with sustained cost-savings. Our managed network transformation services can help organizations achieve potential savings, increase collaboration, and improve efficiency while transforming the network to drive value in the future run.

Moreover, our team of qualified experts’ plays a pivotal role in helping organizations standardize and simplify their network infrastructure to support critical business needs and new capabilities, in turn increasing security and reducing operational risks.

How do we do it?

Some of the key features of our network transformation services include:

  • Network Optimization
  • Improved Network Agility
  • Wireless Infrastructure Management
  • Service Management Operations
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing

Our services also help clients transition to a network path to adapt to the digital transformation in order to do the following:

  • Leverage virtualization
  • Enable organizations to benefit from the latest technologies
  • Bring maximum reliability with a network that is always available
  • Improve agility and flexibility for rapid deployment and provisioning of network resources
  • Operate dynamically in real-time meeting the requirements of new applications
  • Reduce complexities and operational costs