Since the activity of websites, applications, users, connected devices, etc., has grown exponentially in the recent years, the need for effective infrastructure monitoring and preventive maintenance is significant.
Are your infrastructure monitoring and maintenance team or tools, agile enough to cope up with the speed at which performance, security, and availability are required in today’s era? If not, Integration International, Inc., (i3) can help you with that.
Our suite of services can maintain your servers and server applications in order for it to run smoothly, providing added security, reduced downtime, and prevention of data loss, corruption or theft.

Our Priorities include:

  • Provide routine maintenance for overall system health, integrity, and security
  • Provide customized approach for higher quality and maximized security of your IT systems
  • A high level of maturity while offering service level agreements (SLAs) for increased responsiveness, speed, and smoother IT process
  • Cost-effective management solutions for your IT budget
  • Connectivity with a highly experienced team of IT engineers and help desk technicians who ensure uninterrupted continuity of IT monitoring for your infrastructure
  • Service footprint across 80+ countries globally and ensuring round the clock & 365 days a year approach

i3 delivers skilled network, as well as, systems maintenance as a managed service for all your business-critical systems such as servers, laptops, computers, tablets, including video, voice, data, print, security, and remote access. We utilize various monitoring and maintenance tools to scrutinize and monitor the health and status of your systems, detect any issues, analyze, and respond to conditions that may be impacting your system’s performance.