Server Consolidation & Virtualization

  • Customer: University Medical Center
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Service: Infrastructure Services > Server Consolidation & Virtualization
  • Hardware: Vmware with heterogeneous server hardware

The Situation

Our client a University Medical Center hospital realized a need for server consolidation, reducing hardware need and faster server provisioning. They were looking for a partner with significant technical expertise who could build a stable and scalable server virtual infrastructure that would help achieve their goals.

The Challenge

The client recognized that enterprise-wide IT systems, data integration and platform standardization were crucial for its quality and business integration goals. The client didn’t have IT staff having necessary technical expertise and was looking for a partner who could help build a solution that with the goal of building a stable, flexible and cost-efficient foundation for future IT innovation.

The Response

i3’s understood client requirement and proposed a solution to assess the server Infrastructure to identify the right candidates for server consolidation and virtualization.i3 submitted ROI analysis and submitted a phased plan to achieve server consolidation and virtualization.

The Solution

By partnering with i3 the client was able to complete the server consolidation project within scheduled timeline and achieve desired goals.