Knowledge Creation & Management

  • Customer: Large Contact Center Management Services company in Florida
  • Headcount: 10,000 employees
  • Locations: Centers in Florida, Texas, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, klahoma, Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Customer Profile

It is a large Contact Center management services company , typically for large organization who believe in customer satisfaction as a vision. It gets most of its revenue from its B2C group, which specializes in handling inbound sales orders, service requests, customer questions and complaints. Their B2B group helps in client’s acquisition and customer retention, besides supporting their sales and marketing efforts.


Knowledge organizations face one of the biggest challenges of knowledge management and retention of tactic knowledge. This was one of the challenges that they came across that could have adversely affected their business if corrective action were not in time. i3 partnered together to over come this challenge. i3 proposed a unique knowledge retention and application reverse engineering solution that prevented them from confronting this menace.

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A typical challenge that our customer came across, was retention of tactic knowledge in its IT department. A large number of employees have been with THEM since its inception or have been working on application since its conceptualization phase. These employees were proficient in their own areas that they had developed over the number of years of being associated with them or its client. However, this knowledge or process was not documented as a result of which, our customer faced major setback each time an employee moved ahead in his life after being associated with them, for a good number of years.

Proposed Solution

i3 with its vast experience, recommended two focus areas on which the solution is based
  • Retention of knowledge within the team using reverse engineering
  • Lowering cost by using a Dual shore model

  • For success of any engagement, buy in from the top management is a must.

Benefits of this engagement

Customer was profited in many folds: Knowledge management and application re-engineering increased the speed to market through the reuse of proven resources and methods; reduced costly mistakes; and ensured consistent excellent results. A few more benefits that they derived of this engagement were-

Organization Benefit

  • Existing application that under went the knowledge documentation and re-engineering extended their shelf life by few years
  • The management had more confidence with vast knowledge there-by facilitating them in making quick decisions and improving the service and support to customers
  • Customer was able to mitigate business continuity risk and focus on sustaining organic growth
  • With vast knowledge, Customer was able to reduce cost on two folds
  • Eliminating wastage and duplication by encouraging knowledge re-use
  • Leveraging the cost advantage by extending the team in India – GDC
  • Customer was able to adopt and retain best industry practices and processes in its industry vertical
  • Customer was able to produce and conserve new value - such as Intellectual Property Assets, within the organization
  • IT Managers had a faster turnaround time to problems, at the end of re-engineering process

Employee Benefit

  • Customer was able to attract and retain, motivated, loyal, and committed talent, within the organization
  • KM initiative also led to team building & coordination amongst its peers
  • The Reusability of information /code was at its peak, thereby reducing the lead time for a new application rollout
  • KM was a tremendous enabler allowing the organization and knowledge workers to share ideas and collaborate in ways that would not have been possible previously
  • The Employee growth and moral was at its peak thereby delivering performance beyond expectations